The Real Foodie From Phoenix

For the past few days I've sat in front of my new laptop and tried to write. My brain was fried and the words refused to appear on the screen. I questioned my ability to take the random (and sometimes scary) thoughts in my head and try to make them make sense to my readers. I even had to question if I had a true love for food.

Today I ran across a post on The Amateur Gourmet and I realized that my blog was boring. I wasn't being myself. I really don't know who I was trying to be, but the content that was previously on here was PURE DE GARBAGE ( I think that means junk in French).

So I decided that Arizona and maybe even the world deserve better. So ready or not, here comes the real Foodie from Phoenix. I'm a mom, who stays at home because she has an unknown autoimmune disease that the doctors have not been able to cure. I volunteer my time by planning events for 300 plus residents in our apartment community and by being the creative director at my local church. Finally, I love to cook. My ultimate dream is to own a bed and breakfast much like the Gaslight Inn here in Glendale ( You gotta go, the food and entertainment is extraordinary). But times are hard right now so I don't get to do much REAL COOKING. Mostly I just gather some things I have in the pantry and hope for the best.

Tonight I made a Trio of beans and Italian sausage soup. I wish I would have thought to snap a photo before the family gobbled it down but I can show you what a wonderful job my son did of cleaning the pot before slinking back to his room. Thanks Quon!

What a clean Wolfgang Puck Pot!

A few spoonfuls of my Trio of Beans and Italian Sausage Soup.

So this is me, the REAL Foodie from Phoenix. Until...

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Harmony3 said...

Okay, that looks really good! Recipe, please!